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Swiss cities boycotts World Cup in Qatar

Swiss cities boycotts World Cup in Qatar

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With fewer than ten days until the first players go to the pitch in Qatar, anticipation in Switzerland for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 has been relatively chilly. According to SRF, a number of World Cup fan zones and public viewings have been canceled, with one Swiss city boycotting the event outright. Check the news Swiss city boycotts World Cup in Qatar on Switzerland based Lifestyle Magazine- Kenleaks Magazine.

Since Qatar was named World Cup host in 2010 at a Zurich ceremony, the tournament has been dogged by allegations of human rights breaches and FIFA corruption. Even FIFA’s previous president, Sepp Blatter, told the Tages-Anzeiger that handing the event to Qatar was a mistake.

Recently, an interview with World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman on German network ZDF sparked outrage after he stated that “homosexuality is a mental illness.” The majority of Germans are now pledging to boycott the competition.

In practice, the fact that the tournament is being conducted in the winter is hurting fan attendance and excitement for the sport. Because of the weather, many major European towns, including Amsterdam, have announced that outdoor terraces would not be permitted to broadcast the event.

swiss fans fifa boycotss qatar world cup kenleaks magazine switzerland

The Qatar World Cup will not be shown in public in Vevey or Lausanne.

The city of Vevey in Canton Vaud was the first in Switzerland to proclaim its intention to boycott the World Cup in Qatar. According to a statement sent to RTS on November 8, the municipal council of Vevey has prohibited any demonstration or broadcast in a public place related to the World Cup.

Lausanne authorities have also said that no public screens would be installed to broadcast football events. According to city councillor Emilie Moeschler, “given the situation of human rights violations and non-respect for working conditions in Qatar, the city of Lausanne will not organize fan zones…we must do everything we can to push international sports organizations to organize events that respect human rights.”

Organizers canceled a proposed fan zone in Geneva informed Blick that “90 percent of the hoped-for sponsors no longer wanted to link their name with the event.” Around half of the businesses and bars engaged in the fan zone had withdrew, and as a petition against the fan zone grew in size, the event was canceled.

Switzerland sees few applications for public World Cup viewing.

There hasn’t been a single application for public World Cup viewings in Basel or Lucerne. One application was made in Bern, while two were organized in St. Gallen. Winterthur, in Canton Zurich, will host a massive fan zone with capacity for up to 1,000 revelers.

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Finally, FIFA’s home city of Zurich has received one application for a fan zone, which is currently being debated by city officials. The local council, on the other hand, is set to vote on whether Zurich should boycott the World Cup entirely on November 17.

While some government leaders and localities have expressed their displeasure, it remains to be seen whether a substantial number of Swiss citizens would boycott the competition. Sociologist Ueli Mäder told 20 minuten that “many fans are unsure.” Some are concerned that the World Cup in Qatar would obscure and legitimize a great deal of injustice.”

“Others, on the other hand, believe that public scrutiny will make Qatar’s position more open and humanitarian,” Mäder said. While it is difficult to predict if a considerable number of people will boycott the event, he added, “I know very few fans who don’t give a damn that Qatar is the hosts.”

Check the news Swiss city boycotts World Cup in Qatar on Switzerland based Lifestyle Magazine- Kenleaks Magazine.

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